5028 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington, DC
Phone: 202.827.8542 

We love our members....
Girl Power Fitness is happy to serve the upper Northwest Washington, DC community.  Located conveniently at 5028 Wisconsin Avenue between Fessenden and Garrison Streets.

Contact us to set up an appointment to visit our facility and learn about our programs.  Call 202-827-8542 or fill out this electronic request form.
Exercising AND eating right just got a whole lot easier!  Girl Power Fitness is now a pick-up site for Power Supply.  Real food for an Active Life.
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Fitness is not One Size Fits All! That's why we've created Girl Power Fitness -- a strength studio as unique as you are with a friendly, welcoming, supportive environment.  Our efficient circuit format combines strength training and cardio into a half hour, full-body workout, closely monitored by our attentive staff.  We also offer a variety of classes to keep your fitness program fun. And every workout is just 30 minutes...perfect for the DC busy woman.

We work closely with each member to help her reach her health and fitness goals.  Whether you are an avid exerciser, a newcomer to strength training, recovering from an injury, looking to lose weight and get stronger...or anywhere in between, our program is designed to grow with you.  Intrigued? Call us today to set up an appointment.

Get Fit   *   Feel Good  *  Have Fun!!
Girl Power Fitness...we're not a gym, we're a community.  Come join us!

Don't let the holidays interfere with your health & fitness...Everything in Moderation!!